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The Black Phoebe

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This 20 ounce candle smells like wassail, and is adorned with wax cinnamon apples, apple brandy oak chips, orange peel, dandelion leaf and root, Himalayan salt, black salt, ghost quartz, wild harvested rowan berries, and glitter.

Fragrance: Wassail, also known as mulled wine, is a warm and inviting blend of spices, citrus fruits, cider and cranberries, mulled in red wine.

The wax is infused with natural essential oils, including orange, cedarwood and buchu.

Top Notes: Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Lemon
Middle Notes: Apple Cider, Red Currant, Cranberry
Base Notes: Wood, Red Wine

Apple: Apples are associated to the harvest, immortality, divinations and wisdom. Apples, from the sacred tree of life, are tasty, perfect fall fruits.

Black Salt: Useful for eliminating negative energy, keep unwanted guests away, and as a powerful symbol of protection, this salt is made from sea salt and coconut charcoal.

Cedarwood: Known to aid healing, purification and cleansing.

Cinnamon: A favorite food flavoring, cinnamon has a lot of therapeutic uses, including cleansing and for helping relieve aches and pains. Used for purification, stimulation, and to enhance growth or personal gain.

Dandelion Leaf: Known as an appetite stimulant, dandelion is thought to increase bile flow in the stomach. Used for enhancing divination, calling spirits and for protection. Helpful to defend against negative energy and to prevent nightmares.

Dandelion Root: Known as a digestive bitter, dandelion root can aid digestion and improve the digestive system. Useful for enhancing divination, and to draw luck.

Himalayan Salt: A pink rock salt, useful for cleansing and healing.

Oak: Known to enhance protection, potency, fertility. Useful for healing and enhancing luck.

Orange Peel: Also known to represent luck, happiness and prosperity, orange is a bright, sunny citrus fragrance that can brighten moods and refresh spirits. Orange is often used in household cleaners for the uplifting, clean feeling it imparts.

Rowan Berries: Helpful for clearing the mind, opening our inspiration, and a strong protective element, rowan berries play a significant role in helping to attune to nature and broaden perspectives. 

🌙 20 Ounce
🌙 4 Cotton Wicks
🌙 50+ Hour Burn Time
🌙 Vegan & Cruelty Free
🌙 Always Phthalate Free!
🌙 Coconut & Soy Wax
🌙 Dye Free
🌙 Hand-Poured in Small Batches
🌙 Ships Free!

Remember: never leave your candles unattended, keep all candles away from children and pets, and trim your wicks to 1/4" before each use and never burn for longer than 4 hours at a time. For best results, ensure that the candle is able to reach a full melt pool on the top on the first burn.

Please give extra attention when first burning intention / manifestation candles to ensure that all the botanical ingredients and crystals properly infuse into the wax.